Monday, August 10, 2009

go gaga!

Things like gossips were very hot, it's like when you throw a bottle, inside were petroleum oil, into burning fire, it would become hotter and hotter and hotter.

It's not a good thing though, but I don't know why it spreads fast like a wildfire. Especially the bad ones. I don't remember when did I bump into this saying, "Life is totally confusing when you are not steering it well", neither did for this one, "Everything that happens has got a reason for it"

But, whatever happens, people like to jump into conclusion without knowing the fact that there must be some reasons behind it. It could have been something that might benefit the people in return. I don't know, maybe because present generations have watched too many bad news than good ones, experienced difficult times and never recover from it. Therefore, the value of believing deteriorates. People are becoming more selfish and sometimes take advantages from others.

Why are these happening? I really sad for what had happened to my friends, they were good students and as if not appreciating what the teacher has done to them. I know the fact that I'm not in their shoes, maybe I could have been more sarcastic and evil than what they are right now. I just don't know.................................................................................... why they guys are soo brutal.................................................

empty spaces are just for funs. Please ignore, I'm done with it.FULLSTOP.

Sunday, August 9, 2009

solid no more

I'm scared.

what if i'm done here,
there go all the dreams,
bursting on the air,
opportunities were taken for granted.

I don't know why,
the pressure keeps pushing me hard,
some told me, that's just a lie
be smart, don't be fooled around,
the mission is clear,
why turned to the wrong way??

I just can't give the right answer,
environment plays the significant part,
it does its job well, thank you
engulf me in a serene pain, yet excruciating.

help me find my self,
the one i have lost thousand years ago,
the one who shines the good side of me,
the one which has faith in me,
the one who keeps motivating me,
like an alarm, ringing hard to my ears,
but keeping me bright and decent.

where were you?
the inner soul of mine...

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Oh, What A Shame!

Have you ever been caught red-handed when you were doing nasty things to your friends, family or even your best buddies? Well, I did have one not so long ago. Back then in 2 and plus years precisely. Obviously, I’m not the type of person who is as straight as a die. To begin with, let me tell you how to situation went by and how I got caught. Hehe = P

I have the passion which I reckon as something totally different from the real manner of me, which is concealing my friend’s belongings. Well, this is not my fault, and neither the hands of me who were doing all those stuffs. But in this case, this is something I consider as a must-do because it was on his birthday, so, I need to do something in order to pull a prank to him. The idea was, I wanted to hide his belongings secretly and make him get hot under the collar for the whole day. To make a clean breast of it, I took the best things from all, his tie. Tie is a must-wear-or-else-you-die outfit in my secondary school. Everyone wears it, and you could see a prominent black sheep when one’s not putting it on. “Hey, we would get spanked very fiercely in front of the crowd y’know!” – I still remember the word coming out from a best friend of mine, and mind you I had seen twice myself. Do you have all the overall overview on what would come next? Yes, certainly the victim of my “innocent” act could burst a blood-vessel when he noticed that his tie is gone, consequently, a hard swing of rattan would seek his lovely buttock. On top of that, he would get humiliated in front of the decent audience, on the great morning of assembly.

Enough with the craps, the scene began after I performed my morning prayers, his habits were very much predictable, he would straight away go to have a breakfast first after worshipping. His belongings were left unnoticed on his bed, and with the devilish act of me, I went to his dormitory. Without further hesitation, I took his very ‘precious item’ very smoothly with no one noticing me doing that. (Jahat!) Hehe, guess what? Once I reached the door, I was caught red-handed by him. He saw me doing all those nasty idea, in fact, he acted as if nothing were happened and rushed to the dining hall like always on that morning, but the truth is he tailgated me from the beginning. Oh my goodness! There went my evil-doings and conversely I had a red in the face for the whole day with him. Damn!

I’m not a bad-person after all; something is securely preventing me from doing so. Cheers! ^_^

Saturday, January 10, 2009

A Task I Found Very Hard And Why

To be honest, I found that to stay focused in my studies is very difficult for me.. We all know that to be a better and successful person, of course we need a good educational background, being able to complete tasks in given time, self-independence, and etc.. Well that's for me, I don't know about you all..

I describe myself as a person who gets distracted easily.. Yes I am.. I admit it! Let say that I'm working on my accounting homework right now.. And then suddenly a bug coming from nowhere suddenly buzzing and flying all over my room.. Yeah! Once this tiny little insect starts disturbing my full concentration of doing homework, then that's it.. Crazy ideas are rolling in to my mind and thinking how can I get rid of this noisy unwelcome guest.. Assume that ideas are all have been applied.. And I need a break at least 5 minutes to be able to oriented my self back to my business.. No.. usually it takes more than that and frankly, time is moving so fast!

It would be 'great' if there's a music instrument especially guitar nearby.. Oh yeah 'great'! i really mean it.. Once I started plucking and made melodies from the guitar, there went my time.. So, basically, I found that I can hardly manage which task or work is the true priority as I always take things for granted.. Works that could be finished within 1 hour is taken lightly and ended up consuming one and a half hour.. well, that could be dragged on to 2 hours.. Believe me, this is true!

So that's a little bit bout myself

Okay, this is about how do I describe about studying here in KBU ___________________________________________________

Australian Matriculation (AUSMAT) is very tiring course and yet interesting for me as I get the opportunity to learn new subjects that never came across in my mind back then when I was still studying in secondary school.. Economics, Computer Science, Accounting are certainly new and fresh for me as if I have no idea what are these things all about.. However, learning is a non-stop and everlasting task, so it's actually a good idea when I have the chance to learn all these stuffs..

Things like calculating profits and loss in a business, being able to predict how price can alter the quantity demanded for certain goods, what is the definition of USB? How it works? What makes it special than other electronic cables? Wow! Interesting isn't it? No doubt about it! It's definitely lovely and most likely its hard to describe as different person has different views on what are they actually stick on to..

With a smile ^___^